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window ac is a monobloc air conditioner. This is the cheapest type of air conditioners. To start to use this air conditioner enough to plug in and connect to water drain pipe, that it. Popular for labor camps, farms, apartments.

COMPRASSOR              : ROTARY

WEIGHT                         : 54KG  

DIMENSIONS(H,W,D)  : 430 X 660 X 680 MM

STAR RATING               : 1 STAR


The warranty does not cover transportation outside the country.  Air Conditioner  Systems are covered for 12 months for the entire units and five years for the compressor from date of invoice. The warranty is applicable on original components only and against manufacturing defects, labor and consumables are excluded. Unit under warranty must be installed, maintained and operated as per manufacturer manuals.


Window air conditioners call as this, because installation of this type of ac in the window of the wall. To install this system enough to fit it into a space in the wall, connect to water drain system and plug in

Maintenance of air conditioner should be providing on a regular base 2-3 times a year in UAE climate conditions. Standard ac maintenance work should include:

  • Diagnostic and inspection of air conditioner units, compressor diagnostic.
  • Check up a condition of the pipes line.
  • Check up of fuses.
  • Check up of all electrical connections
  • Cleaning of air filters.
  • Rinse the evaporator by pressured water
  • Cleaning of condenser unit by pressured water (if necessary).
  • Refuel a compressor with refrigerant (if necessary).
  • Elimination of minor malfunctions that do not require disassembly of equipment and replacement of parts.