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Model No.:-

  • 24000 BTU 2 TON
  • 30000 BTU 2.5 TON
  • 36000 BTU 3 TON
  • 48000 BTU 4 TON






Installation of air conditioner is very important! Depends of that your new air conditioner will work for long time or always will make troubles for you. Installation of split ac is simple process, but professionals skills and equipment required. The price of installation depends on distance between indoor and outdoor units, the hight of units and available space to fit out  ac.

Maintenance of air conditioner should be providing on a regular base 2-3 times a year in UAE climate conditions. Standard ac maintenance work should include:

  • Diagnostic and inspection of air conditioner units, compressor diagnostic.
  • Check up a condition of the pipes line.
  • Check up of fuses.
  • Check up of all electrical connections
  • Cleaning of air filters.
  • Rinse the evaporator by pressured water
  • Cleaning of condenser unit by pressured water (if necessary).
  • Refuel a compressor with refrigerant (if necessary).
  • Elimination of minor malfunctions that do not require disassembly of equipment and replacement of parts.