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Sapphire offers a complete range of packaged liquid chillers from 2 tons to 100 tons and above.
Sapphire chillers are used in industries such as plastics processing, the thermal spray, printing processes, pharmaceutical processing, confectionaries and various other industrial manufacturing processes. These chillers can also be applied to HVAC systems where direct expansions systems are not practical.
The Sapphire chillers can be operated with leaving water temperatures ranging from 35°C–52°C. The fundamental design on the Sapphire range is that it includes all aspects of a cooling system into one simple package.
Each Sapphire chiller includes its own refrigeration plant, pumping system and control panels. This creates a plug and play package thus reducing system footprint and contractor installation time.  
Applications for Chillers
Safario supplies Industrial Chillers for a number of applications to various industries. Some typical industries and applications are:
Plastic Industry
In the plastic industry, Sapphire chiller may be installed to cool plastic that is injected, extruded or blown. The equipment used to create a plastic mould may also require cooling by a chiller. This will assist the machine in operating more efficiently and aid in the extending the life of the machine.
Printing Industry
In the printing industry, Sapphire chiller removes the heat generated by the friction of the printing equipment.
Food Industry
In the food industry, chilled water can be used as an additive in the processing of many food items. It can be used in the baking industry in the dough making process, as well as in the washing of fruits and vegetables fish, meat etc.
Drinking Water
Sapphire Cooler chiller can also be used to provide chilled, potable, drinking water for applications that require large volumes, such as a labour camps and  large contracting sites during peak summer.
Sapphire chiller can be used to cool product tanks and blistering machines.

Model No.   SM-SW024
Cooling Capacity BTU/hr 24000
Compressor Qty 1
Water Flow Rate GPM 5.0
Max Water Temp ( Tank inlet) °C 45°C -50°C
Max Water Temp ( Tank Outlet) °C 8°C to 10° C
Maxi. Refrigerant Working Pressure low/high PSIG 75/300
Refrigerant Gas R22
Power Supply V/Ph/Hz 230/1/50
Power  KW 3.5
Water Pump HP 1/2
Water Connection In/Out Inches 3/4
Unit Dimension  L x W x H CM 84x36.5x106.5
Unit Weight kg 79
Water Tank Capacity GLN 200
Note: As per clients' requirement, Refrigerant gas can be changed. Accordingly, the technical specifications will also change